Why read this blog?
No one size fits all, and wouldn’t it be a terrible to world without variety and choice! But when it comes to boats, and small boats at that, which one is right for you, from the hundreds of different types available? Whether you need a tender for your big boat, a lovely dinghy for a day’s exploration up the creek, or a practical no nonsense rowing boat, over the next few posts I’ll be encouraging you to look afresh at the Seahopper Range.

Why I bought one!which would you chose as a tender for your yacht?

The clue is in the split photo I took recently on a river pontoon! I just didn’t want to foredeck of my classic yacht (that’s the one on the right!) to be covered in a rubber thing that is heavy, ugly and doesn’t row. No-one looks at a rubber dinghy and says, “how beautiful!”. But they do every time I row ashore in my varnished folding wooden boat, see it lashed safely against the guard rail, or sailing elegantly in the river. Yes, that’s three boats for the price of one. Total versatility, for those days on the river when you just want to potter about with the gunter rig or even simpler lug rig.

But wait! OK you don’t have a classis yacht. No matter. In the next post I’ll be setting out the benefits of the Seahopper, over 7500 of which have been sold the world over since 1974, making the Seahopper the World’s Number One folding boat. Take a look at the website, or drop us an email  to [email protected]

Steven and Peter,
The Seahopper Team