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About Seahopper

Over 7,500 Seahoppers have been supplied to customers all over the world since Steve Rea established the business, back in 1980. His revolutionary design and slow evolution since the early days has delighted customers at Earl’s Court, Dusselfdorf, the NEC and Excel boatshows, and Steve still holds the unofficial World Record for assembly of a Seahopper in 1 minute 45 seconds set at the Dusselfdorf show in 1989!  I was looking for a small folding dinghy for my wooden yacht after being totally frustrated by using ugly rubber dinghies as tenders, I stumbled across Seahopper in Wellington Somerset.  I bought a Scamp, and before long found myself buying the business. Seahopper Ltd is still building boats in Somerset, but we’re planning to move to Devon, continue to evolve the design, and production methods, and plan to introduce a special edition in 2017.


We love hearing from customers and do hope you choose a Seahopper, and join this very special community of users.  Please try the FAQ section of the website, and if you don’t find what you need there, contact us by email and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.


Best Regards

Steven Burch and Peter Phillips