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Follow up your interest in Seahopper………..
Boat 2020 was a casualty of the war on Covid……but the show goes on and there are two ways to follow up on your interest in our boats;

Have a day out in Devon UK! Come and see us in the workshop and chat with us, as we show you how the boats are built and how we can customise your dream Seahopper. I can’t offer you a gourmet lunch but you’re welcome to a cuppa and cream cake!

 Watch the virtual show!  I always intended to do something for those of your in Europe, the US and Canada and Australia and New Zealand as well as anywhere alse in the world. So here’s our little attempt at showing you the boats at a distance!! 


Talking of Canada, I’ve got a customer in Yellowknife who wants a pre-owned Lighter. If you have one for sale over there or over here for that matter, which we could re-furbish, please do get in contact with me.

New ‘How to Assemble Video’ 

We’ve put together a new instrucitonal video to complement the manual which you can view by going back to the home page and scrolling down or better still go to and help us drive the clip up the You Tube rankings so that even more people will see it!



Steven and Peter 

Seahopper      [email protected]