Special Offers!!

Sold Out!

The 3 boat slots I advertised last time were snapped up by customers in Spain, the UK and the US. Next sale will be of demonstrators from the shows. There’ll be a Scamp Row, a Lighter with a red lug rig and a Kondor with a cream gunter rig. Get delivery in October or get a further discount if you can collect from Southampton on 23rd September after the show. Contact me if you are interested.

Refurbished Seahopper for Auction!

We’re about to start the re-furbishment on a fully rigged Lighter. She has alloy spars, tan sails, blue end panels and the full sailing rig. She’s an old boat but looks in good condition, and will be a good buy. When’s she’s ready we’re going to try an Auction, so drop me a line if you are interested to take part.

Used Boats

I’m afraid there’s no room in the workshop for any more used boats, so if you’ve got a Seahopper you would like us to sell, could you please just give us a few months breathing space, please?