Accessories Info

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One Piece Wooden Oars

We have now sourced beautiful new one piece oars from a European supplier. They come with rubber collars making rowing your Seahopper a delight.


Side seats

These are supplied with the sailing version and are designed to ensure you get the right weight distribution forward and aft and to help you counter-act heel when sailing. Also useful if you are motoring and want to keep the weight further forward to keep the boat trim in the water. Very easy to fit.

Outboard Bracket (motor mount)

This is the standard bracket supplied most often for people who want to alternate between using a rudder sailing or rowing, or an outboard for motoring.

Dual Purpose Outboard Bracket

Called a motor mount in other parts of the world, this allows you to fit the normal rudder and tiller and have an outboard fixed alongside which allows you to sail and have an engine in reserve for the journey back home when the wind has died and you’ve got an ebb tide!

Dagger Board

Buoyancy Bags and Straps

Standard with the sailing version. The bags are blue in colour, made of 0.16” PVC and conform to BS 3501-1. Each bag is 55cm long and 22cm diameter. Supplied with fixing straps, as an added extra to stop you having to buy these elsewhere.

Side Air Fenders

With additional stability and safety in mind, especially with children aboard choose these novel fenders for greater peace of mind. They are attached to either side of the hull with black nylon straps. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fit the fenders. See the black straps in the photo at the top of the page. These can be left in place or removed when the fenders aren’t being used.


This accessory helps you stow luggage and keep it dry when the water gets a little choppy. It also adds a certain something to the profile of the boat.

Seahopper Carry Bag

A neat black waterproof carry bag with strong shoulder loop making it easy for an able bodied person to carry all the parts of a Scamp in one package. For the Lighter it might be best to carry the seats separately, unless you have two people available. The Kondor with all its kit is definitely a two person lift

Handy Pack Roof Rack

We buy this in and its inflatable design means that it provides a good deal of protection for your boat on your car roof.

Sand Wheels

Your boat already has a skeg, but if you have a long trip down a soft sandy beach, or simply want more manoeuvrability then buy these sand wheels with pneumatic tyres. The clever design allows you to slot the wheel through the keel into the daggerboard. The boat is then well balanced and easy to handle!


Left bare so that you can apply your own finish

Rope Fender

The new alternative to standard fenders. Looks like natural hemp but is actually synthetic polyhemp which is UV resistant and does not rot. It is very functional meaning that fenders aren’t necessary as you come along side or moor up in most situations. This is a new addition to the Seahopper range and is only available on new boats.
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