Roe fender is a favourite
Looks great and very handy for coming alongside without the need for fenders. It looks like real hemp but is made from a durable synthetic material. Sorry but this is an option to select when you order your boat as it cannot be retro-fitted.

Kondor sand wheels
We’ve beefed these up considerably to take the extra weight of the Kondor and changed the axle to stainless steel. Works a treat!

Mast step modification
A hole drilled through the bottom of the mast and polyprop pin now locate the mast securely in its step stopping it rotating slightly out of true when sailing. Another small but very worthwhile improvement!

Lug rig
Customers asked for it so we’ve launched the new simple to use, lug rig, available on all of the boats. The beauty is that it is unstayed meaning it takes only a few minutes rig. Oh! and there’s no boom as such but just a thin polyprop pole in the foot of the sail meaning you don’t get clobbered on the head. Great choice if you just want to potter about sailing

Coming soon……
If you sail in choppy waters you might want to learn about the prototype ‘nose job’ (a clip on pointed bow sectipon) which converts the Seahopper from pram dinghy to something that carves through the water magnificantly. Watch this space…..undergoing trials at the moment!



Waiting fr the