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New for Southampton 2021.  We’ll have the Scamp, Lighter and Kondor on show plus the new padded carry bags that stow the boat accessories and rig elegantly and safely, plus further refinements to the mast step, the outboard bracket mounting, the option for personalised lettering on the sidestrips and sail and new jamming cleats for the jib sheets. Oh! and a warm welcome to customers old and new.

Electrify Your Seahopper?  Thank you to the owners who have contributed their experience in going electric. I’ve now put together a short report that I hope will be useful if you are considering dumping your trusty petrol outboard and going electric! Sign up on the contacts page if you haven’t already done so, expressing your interest in the article or click here   

Special Deals. If you want a new Seahopper, but don’t need it in a hurry, why not buy one of the show boats that will be available at a discounted price if you can order it now? This means you can get exactly the spec you want at a great price. Drop me an email [email protected]  or phone me on 07860 488544 for details.


Steven and Peter 

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