News and Special Offers!

Kondors at very appealing prices……

We found a couple of good as new Kondor hulls at the back of the workshop recently which were started but never finished a few years ago. So if you are in the market for an example of one of the finest folding boats on the planet at up to 25% discount on the website price, look no further. Why not have us finish one of these hulls to your exact specification? I’m very happy to call you by phone to discuss your needs, or if you prefer, use the contact form.

News for our overseas customers 

Did you know that we export Seahoppers to customers in pretty much any part of the globe? We routinely send to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand…….and recently to a new customer in Japan! The process is pretty much hassle free and for the smaller boats the Scamp and Lighter we use couriers such as DHL who will deliver right to your door. They handle all the documentation and customs, collecting and tax due on behalf of your customs agencies. Our biggest boat, due to its size has to be despatched freight which means we can only organise to deliver as far as your nearest international airport – but local agents can handle customs and delivery on your behalf.

 ……simply email me via the contact form for further information on delivery overseas. We’re actually not a world away!

You can now spread the cost of your new Seahopper with PayPal credit 

Very soon you’ll be able to buy your new Seahopper on favourable terms via credit payments up to 36 months.

Use the contact form to find out more.


Steven Burch

Owner, Seahopper Ltd