News and Special Offers!

New for 2023

We’ve made subtle changes to the Lug Rig, which now has  3 traditional reefing points fitted and a stronger wooden pole in the  envelope at the foot of the sail. The lug rig is now equally popular with the gunter rig, and we’re finding that those using their Seahoppers mainly as tenders like the lug rig as it is quick and easy to set up and easy to store…….and just so you know, all spars are now made for us in dougla fir, one of the very best timbers for spars.

‘Fiddly’ is probably the best term to use for the wingnuts previously supplied to fit the side seats, but now we’re using knurled plastic nuts which are bigger and much faster to fit – thanks to customer Mike Unher in Japan for the idea. Last year several customers pointed out that the masts could twist in the mast steps and we ran a trial of using a new step with a retaining pin to stop this which has been successful and so this becomes standard in 2023.

Bit by bit, we’re always looking to further improve our boats to make the overall experience of ownership that bit more satisfying: with a Seahopper the pleasure unfolds!

Seahopper annual photo competition

Well, we’ve done the hard job of judging and this year we have selected 2 of your lovely photos to take joint first prize. So thanks for all your entries……..and now the winners, Sven Sonnemann of this great shot of a Kondor and Crew on the German part of Lake Constanze, and to Mike Ramsden with his new Scamp aboard his lovely 20ft sailboat, with Vancouver in the background

Pre-loved boats

If your budget won’t stretch to a new boat, then consider a used boat. I know of a couple of Kondors in the north and south of England. However we’ve resold 3 Lighters and a Scampl lately to new customers and these boats are undergoing re-furbs in the workshop with new Lug Rigs, rope fenders, and re-varnishig and issuing with new guarantees. So if you have either a Scamp or Lighter that you want to part company with please let me know.




Steven Burch

Owner Seahopper Ltd