News and Special Offers!

Seahopper Sale……..up to £1000* off a new boat order

Never has there been a better time to buy and iconic Seahopper. We’ve been on a relentless drive to improve quality over recent year and now, after securing some great deals with our suppliers we’ve got incredible  news on price. Right now you can save between £500 and £1000 on website prices for new boats, and up to 20% on accessories. We’ve no idea how long we can hold these prices so strike now! Call me to discuss, email me for a discount code to use on the site, or simply email with details of the boat you are longing for and I’ll give you a personalised quotation.  

 *1300 USD – 1160 Euro – 1930 AUD – 2000 NZD – 183,000 JPY

Refurbished Seahoppers

We’ve got a small number of Seahoppers undergoing re-furbishment at present and this is a great service for buyers and sellers alike, offering a quick and easy service to sellers and peace of mind to buyers as every re-furbished boats comes with a new 3 yr limited warranty. We buy back boats that are less than 15yrs old and that are in at least reasonable condition and deliver lovely refurbished boats to customers at prices that are a good bit less than those for new boats. For more details please drop me an email and I’ll send you a brief information sheet. (PS! Because of logistics we can only buy back boats that are in the UK – although we can deliver re-furbished boats to more or less anywhere in the world.




Steven Burch

Owner, Seahopper Ltd