Seahopper FAQ

Q: The boom seems low at the stern, is the boat rigged properly?

A: When tightening the fore stay, pull the mast towards the bow which in turn tightens the side stays and will left the boom when you have fitted this.


Q: Why is the varnish on the floor rough?

A: This is a safety feature which gives better adhesion to your shoe soles and thus reduces risk of slipping.


Q: Can I upgrade once I have bought my boat?

A: At any time. Simply select the optional extras to upgrade from row, to motor to sail etc.


Q: Can I buy a used Seahopper from you?

A: From time to time owners ask us to sell their boats on their behalf, and we often have a few boats in stock. Buying a quality checked new boat from us can be a great way to cut the cost of owning a Seahopper. As a buyer, look out for special offers on the website. Any boat you buy from us will be less than 7 years old, have been re-varnished, and any snags dealt with. We’ll deliver your pre-loved Seahopper to your door with the peace of mind of a new 2 year guarantee.


Q: Can I trade in my existing Seahopper for another boat?

A: Yes of course. Simply take a few photographs of your existing boat, and provide information on its age and condition and we will make you a cash offer to offset against your new boat.


Q: Will you sell my Seahopper for me?

A: We will do our best to sell your boat for you. To do this please take 3 photographs of your boat from different angles including shots of the sails if appropriate. Send these by email to us with a short note about the condition of the boat, including damage etc. Once we receive these we will give you an estimate of what we think it will sell for. This is not a guaranteed price. Once you decide to go ahead we will collect the boat, re-varnish it, make whatever minor repairs are necessary and offer it for sale with a new 2 year guarantee. We’ll then offer it for sale through the website, taking enquiries, providing further information, answering queries, storing the boat, and delivering direct to the customer. In other words we do all the work for you! Once payment is made we transfer 55% of the money into your bank account.

Q: How will my boat/order be delivered?

Boats ordered from mainland Europe are delivered door to door by courier. You will be notified by text by the courier when the shipment is due. An able bodied person needs to be available for the delivery as the packaged boats, especially the Kondor with full sail gear can be heavy. For US, Canada and most other far off places we can arrange door to door delivery for the Scamp, and the Lighter and optional extras, but not for the Kondor. This boat is judged too large and is therefore shipped as a personal import and needs to be collected by the customer. Once the flight is confirmed we will send you an Air Waybill number and flight number. The airline will contact you upon the arrival of your boat and you must organise any duties/costs to be paid, before arriving at the airport.

Q: How are the boats packed for transport?

Each finished order is carefully prepared for dispatch. “Twice Used” internal packaging might have been used, which is our tiny contribution to saving the earth and reducing waste. Pristine double walled cardboard is always used for the outer packaging. We’ve tried purpose built boxes and polystyrene foam etc but they just don’t protect the boat well enough.

Q: How do I use the sand wheels?

Take a look at the Seahopper Owner’s Manual


Q: How do I finish a self varnish boat?

Take a look at the Seahopper Owner’s Manual


Q: How do I build and rig the boat?

A: Refer to your Owner’s Manual which has full details plus images of the various stages of build.


Q: Why do the bolts on the catches for the seats protrude?

A: This is to allow for the retro-fitting of dual purpose air fenders.

Q: What are the small blocks with holes, fitted forward of the centre seat?

A: These are the housings for sprayhood which can be retro-fitted.

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